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Choosing Preferred Routes

SP Energy Networks is committed to ensuring disturbance to people and the environment is kept to a minimum.

That means we want to keep any impact on the area’s natural and built heritage, including the effects on the people who live and work here, to a minimum.

Having identified a proposed corridor for the KTR Project following the first round of consultation, our next job was to look for possible routes for the new overhead lines within it.

Environmental consultants have been helping us identify options for potential routes.

We then appraised each option for its impact on various criteria including local views, the character of the landscape, biodiversity, cultural heritage, flood risk, forestry and other land uses. 

Our preferred routes are the ones that we believe balance our technical requirements with the impact on the environment and the people who live, work and enjoy spending their spare time in the area.

For more information on routes we considered as well as how we selected and appraised them see our KTR Project: Routeing and Consultation Document (October 2016), on the Project Documents page.

Following the second round of consultation we have now confirmed our proposed routes.  For a summary of the feedback, our response to it and our conclusions please see our Summary of Feedback from the 2016 consultation, published March 2017.

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