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Coalburn Connections – South Lanarkshire

SP Energy Networks own and maintain the electricity network in central and southern Scotland. As part of our infrastructure, Coalburn Grid Substation is a key installation in the transmission network situated to the south of Lesmahagow in South Lanarkshire. 

Wind farm developers have identified certain locations throughout Scotland as being rich in wind energy with South Lanarkshire being one of these areas. Due to Coalburn Substation’s geographic situation a number of wind farm developments in South Lanarkshire have requested connections to the transmission network and will be connected ultimately via the substation in the coming years. In addition, wider associated works to reinforce the existing network infrastructure will also feature in and around Coalburn Substation. These along with other connections through central and southern Scotland and beyond will support the nations move to clean energy and a sustainable environment for us all.

The map above provides indicative general locations for the above information. Please note – Kype Muir / Middlemuir and Galawhistle Windfarms are existing developments and are shown to assist further with establishing general locations. Coalburn Grid Substation is indicated in blue.

The information below sets out proposed and agreed connections at this stage that SP Energy Networks plan to undertake along with associated reinforcement activity.




Douglas West Wind Farm Connection


Connection successfully completed at Douglas North Collector Substation

Douglas North Collector Substation


Construction of Collector Substation successfully completed.

Will in turn connect to Coalburn Substation via “Tee-In” to the existing Coalburn-Middlemuir Wind Farm underground cable.

Coalburn to Linnmill 132 kV underground cable reinforcement


Existing underground cable replaced / reinforced between Coalburn Substation and overhead line to east of Substation – passing under M74.

Kennoxhead Wind Farm Extension


Connects into existing substation at MIddlemuir Wind Farm

Cumberhead Collector Substation

Q3 2022

Construction of collector substation by SP Energy Networks – will connect into existing Galawhistle Wind Farm underground cable back to Coalburn Grid Substation

Cumberhead Wind Farm Connection

Q3 2022

Connects into new Cumberhead Collector Substation 

Dalquhandy Wind Farm Connection

Q3 2022

Connects into new Cumberhead Collector Substation – please see project page - link

Harting Rig Wind Farm Connection

Q3 2022

Connects to existing substation at Kype Muir Wind Farm

Coalburn Substation 33kV Shunt reactor

Q1 2023

New 33kV Reactor to be installed  within existing substation compound

Coalburn to Linnmill Circuit Compound

Q3 2023

New Cable Sealing End Compound at existing OHL tower

Broken Cross Wind Farm Connection

Q4 2023

Connects into existing Linnmill to Coalburn cable

Kennoxhead Wind Farm Connection

Q1 2024

Connects into Coalburn – see project page


Douglas West Collector Transformer

Q2 2024

New 132/33 kV Transformer to be installed at Douglas North Collector Substation

Hagshaw Hill Wind Farm

Q2 2024

Connects into Douglas North Collector Substation via underground cable to wind farm

Douglas West Wind Farm Extension Connection

Q2 2024

Connects into Douglas North Collector Substation via underground cable to wind farm

Hagshaw Hill Wind R

Farm Repower Connection

Q2 2024

Connects into existing Galawhistle Wind Farm Substation via new underground cable

Coalburn Substation – Additional 400/132 kV transformer

Q2 2024

Extension to existing Coalburn Substation to facilitate installation of additional transformer.

Cumberhead West Wind Farm Connection

Q4 2024

Connects into new Cumberhead West Substation with underground cable route back to Coalburn Substation

Battery Storage Facility

Q3 2025

Connects to Coalburn Substation by underground cable

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