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Community Consultation

SP Energy Networks has an obligation to build necessary additional capacity into our network and refurbish, or replace, ageing and inefficient parts of the network to maintain a coordinated and economic system for electrical transmission and distribution.

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We also have a legal requirement to offer customers connections on to the electrical network for developments such as windfarms.

We do however attach great importance on the effect our works may have on the environment and aim to contain and reduce the impact of our activities.

From the very early development of our works, we engage in environmental and technical consultations with a wide variety of stakeholders, such as landowners, occupiers, Local Authorities, SEPA/Environment Agency, SNH/Natural England/CCW, Historic Scotland/English Heritage/Cadw and other organisations.

Our community consultations enable us to listen to the views of all interested parties prior to seeking formal consent. Indeed once consent has been granted, we continue our liaison keeping affected parties informed throughout our activities.

By considering broad social and environmental issues in our daily decision-making, we are more likely to achieve our goals. Delivering through this approach ensures we bring benefits to customers, employees, communities and the environment.

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