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The Role Of Community Groups

What does this mean for community energy?

Community groups have a key part to play in the move to a net zero economy. This can involve a wide range of actions, from helping local people understand how they can reduce their energy costs through insulation and improved energy efficiency, to demonstrating low carbon energy options in community buildings.


Many groups have developed renewable energy generation projects and there is an urgent need for groups to support local consumers to move to low carbon heating and transport options in their homes. The development of a flexible energy system will create opportunities for consumers to reduce their energy costs and organised community groups, if given the right support, can help in this process.

With the move to a ‘smarter’ energy system and the drive to decarbonize energy over the next few years, there are likely to be new opportunities for community energy projects, especially those that help to increase the ‘flexibility’ of the local grid (distribution network) by offering both generation and energy demand projects that can be easily switched on or off. Community-led approaches which are able to help local people to take part, either through investing in or helping in project development or by coordinating installation of smart heating or EV charging measures, will be particularly relevant and important.



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