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Distributed Generation Heat Maps

Generation Connections

Are you thinking about installing a new generator? If so, it will need to be connected to our network either through your existing supply or through a new electricity connection.

Before we can connect you we have to make sure that our existing network is capable of providing the power you need to operate your equipment.

For smaller projects (smaller than or equal to 50kW)  there is normally no need to worry about the capacity of our network but for larger projects we may need to carry out some work to connect your generator. We recommend that you engage with us at an early stage as it’s important that you are aware of the timescales and costs involved before you begin your project.
In advance of this we have a series  of heatmaps that will give you an indication of the networks capability and a better understanding of potential opportunities to connect your generator to the electricity network.

SP Manweb Heat Map
SP Distribution Heat Map




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