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Construction & Adoption

New & Modified Connections

If you have appointed an accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP) to undertake some or all contestable works, they are required to work in accordance with the terms and conditions of our Construction and Adoption Agreement.

The Construction and Adoption Agreement can either be bilateral between you and us or us and your appointed ICP, or on a tripartite. It sets out the terms and conditions under which we will agree to adopt the assets installed. Once adopted, they will become part of our network following satisfactory inspection and testing.


Framework agreements are also available for those organisations who complete a significant volume of projects within our network area. This provides the option of initially signing an over-arching agreement and then only completing a site specific schedule for each project. 

If you are interested in this option please contact the relevant Account Manager who will be able to assist, details of which can be found here

Terms & Conditions

Street Lighting & Street Furniture

For any assets installed in relation to street furniture or street lighting, you — or in the case of street lighting — a street lighting authority, can appoint an accredited ICP to undertake the work.

The appointed ICP will be required to carry out the works in accordance with the terms and conditions of our Construction & Adoption Agreement. The agreement will be between you, us and your appointed ICP.

The terms upon which we will adopt the new assets are set out within the agreement and, once the assets have been adopted, will be operated and maintained by us.


Terms & Conditions



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