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Crossdykes Wind Farm Connection Project

As the operator of a piece of critical national infrastructure our top priority during the COVID-19 crisis is to keep the power flowing for our 3.5million customers while ensuring vital sites like hospitals receive the electricity supply they need.

We have worked closely with other network operators, Government and the electricity regulator Ofgem to develop contingency plans that will ensure we continue to keep the lights on, maintain network resilience and maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our colleagues and customers during this challenging time.

Our plans include the deployment of teams to undertake connections projects that will provide additional resilience to the local or national electricity network – such as additional generation capacity to provide more electricity where it is needed.

We have been requested to provide a connection for Crossdykes Wind Farm which is located to the east of Lockerbie in Dumfries and Galloway. The connection will enable renewable energy generated at the windfarm to be transmitted into the national electricity network. This will ensure a reliable and resilient power supply, as well as helping the UK to move towards cleaner energy and a more sustainable environment.

The wind farm will be connected into Ewehill Substation by a 33 kV double wood pole overhead line over a distance of 5.4 km.

The construction of the overhead line commenced in April 2020 and the entire route involves the work taking place on private land. A helicopter will be utilised for the transport of material and equipment which will significantly reduce the number of vehicle movements normally required. Minimising the impact of our activity on the surrounding environment is a priority and ground matts along with low pressure ground vehicles will be used to access site locations.

The project is scheduled to be completed in August 2020 and work will not require any local outages or effect local electricity supplies.

SPEN are proud to undertake this project as we play our important part in achieving a zero carbon future for our communities.

Contact Information

Should you require any further information on this project please make contact via the following phone number or email address:

Community Relations phone number – 07516461129
Community Relations

Covid 19 - SP Energy Networks have reviewed and assessed all our projects and activity throughout central and southern Scotland with much of our work now being scaled down or temporarily suspended due to the circumstances we all currently face. Only work deemed as essential is continuing at this stage – this being work that safeguards the resilience of the network which continues to play its vital part in supporting all our communities and stakeholders including medical and health care facilities along with other key workers as they tackle the pandemic. All our standard working practises involved in the delivery of the project have been reviewed and a range of additional measures introduced which will allow us to carry out the work as safely as possible.

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