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Customer Process: Disconnection (Text Only)

This is an accessible, text-only version of the Disconnection Customer Process.

Stage 1 of 8: Make Your Enquiry

You make an enquiry about a connection via telephone, email or online form.

Stage 2 of 8: Submit Your Application

You can apply online using our new connection forms, or download a form and send it to us.

Stage 3 of 8: You Receive a Quote

We design your disconnection and send you a quote.

Stage 4 of 8: Make Your Payment

You accept the quote and arrange payment

Stage 5 of 8: Agree Your Disconnection Date

We sort out any third party permission and arrange a date for the work to begin (usually around 6 weeks).

Stage 6 of 8: We Inform Your Supplier of the Date

Your supplier will make contact with you to remove the meter from your premises.

Stage 7 of 8: We Will Disconnect Your Supply

We disconnect your supply from the network.

Stage 8 of 8: Your Supplier Removes Your Meter

Your Supplier Removes Your Meter.


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