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Customer Service Performance

Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE)

Ofgem, (our Regulator) introduced Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE) to ensure we meet the needs of our major connections customers. As part of this process we have commissioned an independent specialist to conduct monthly customer satisfaction surveys with connections customers who have received a quotation or had connections work completed in the previous month. The scores published are based on interviews with these customers and captured as a rolling yearly average. A total of 20 telephone interviews are completed monthly. This research measures:

- The service delivered to customers who have received a quote for major connections works from SP Energy Networks

- The service delivered to customers who have had major connections work completed by SP Energy Networks

- The information and communication provided to customers during the connections process

- Competition in the market

The 2017 current score is 8.3 / 10

The 2016 annual overall satisfaction score was 8.2 / 10

The 2015 annual overall satisfaction score was = 7.2 / 10 

Standard Licence Conditions

OFGEM also developed new Connections Standard Licence Conditions (SLC) and Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP) relating to metered and unmetered electricity connections services provided.

These standards ensure that customers are guaranteed a high level of service and are compensated when they do not. The GSoP that have been developed are backed by SLC15A which specifies definite timelines for the provision of the above services and insists that monitoring and reporting against these standards is carried out

SLC15 sets out the standards for the provision of non-contestable connection services. The services covered by this condition are:

  1. Providing Point of Connection Quotations.
  2. Responding to design submissions in relation to connections.
  3. Completing Final Works and Phased Energisation as non-contestable connections services.

SLC15A requires a minimum of 90% performance in each of three categorisations of the GSoP:

Metered Standards

Metered Quotation standards include:

  • Providing budget estimates
  • Providing quotations

Other Metered standards include:

  • Making contact with customers to agree dates
  • Commencing works
  • Completing works
  • Energisation

Unmetered Standards

Unmetered standards include:

  • Fault repairs
  • Quotations
  • Completing works

The latest quarterly returns for the above are detailed in the tables below.
Please use the links to open the tables.

SLC15 Quarter 2 Results 2015/2016 April - October 2015 incl (SPM & SPD) SLC15A Quarter 2 Results 2015/2016 April - October 2015 incl (SPM & SPD)