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Data & Digitalisation

Digitalisation and the better use of data will enable us to drive the modernisation and decarbonisation of our energy system.

Through Digitalisation, we will improve the services we provide to our customers and our stakeholders, and we will develop a technology driven and digitally enabled workforce of the future. This will enable us to deliver services which continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers and our stakeholders and will enable us to deliver more efficient operation of our business and reduce our costs to serve, all while working towards a Just Transition to the UK's Net Zero ambitions.

Improving the Mastery of Our Data is one of the 6 key pillars of our Digitalisation Strategy, and our Data Strategy outlines our comprehensive and ambitious framework of activities which we will deliver to ensure we carefully collect, manage, share, and extract maximum value from our data. Our vision is to put data at the heart of our operation, creating data driven insights for decision-making and – on a presumed open basis - sharing our decisions and our data with our customers and our stakeholders, enabling them to realise their Net Zero ambitions.


Our Digitalisation Strategy

By putting digitalisation at the heart of our plans, we will deliver a modern digitalised energy system, improving the services we provide to our customers and stakeholders and supporting a Just Transition.    

In this section you can read about

  • Our Digitalisation Strategy
  • Our Action Plan updates
  • How to engage with our teams

Data and Information Sharing

Data is the single biggest enabler of a decarbonised, decentralised and digitised energy future. It’s the tool that will bridge the gap between where we are now versus where we need to be – to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

In this section you can read about

  • Our Data Strategy and progress updates
  • Accessing our datasets and our Open Data Portal
  • How to engage with our teams

Open Data Portal

To enable us to efficiently and effectively share our data, we launched an online “Open Data Portal”. This portal can be freely accessed by our customers and stakeholders via the SP Energy Networks website, and enables users to search, view, and export datasets in simple, standardised formats.

The portal has been developed with our customers and stakeholders, and hosts a wide range of information, including demand and generation for our grid and primary substations; generation connection capacity heat maps; embedded capacity registers; shapefiles of our assets; and secondary network ratings and utilisation.


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