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Data & Information Sharing


Data is the single biggest enabler of a decarbonised, decentralised and digitised energy future. Data is essential to optimising the value of our assets, driving innovation, better understanding risks and increasing system resilience.  As the owner and operator of three licence businesses, data about our assets, our services and our capabilities will be key in supporting the transition to Net Zero.

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Our Data Strategy

Our Data Strategy sets out how we will transform our organisation to be data centric and data driven. It outlines the framework of activities across Data Governance and Applied Analytics, which will enable us to improve the quality and mastery of our data, and to develop and share insights about our network and our business.

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Data Best Practice

It is important that the industry evolves at pace, but all Network Operators must also remain aligned to ensure that all customers and stakeholders benefit from improved availability of data and information. To support this, Ofgem set out 11 principles in their Data Best Practice Guidance which network operators must comply with, and our Data Strategy sets out how we will meet and exceed these.

Our Open Data Portal

We recognise that access to data and information will be a key enabler in society’s ability to achieve Net Zero, and that access to our data and information has a pivotal role in facilitating efficient whole system planning and support the development of new markets and opportunities. We are committed to sharing our data with customers and stakeholders.

To facilitate this, we have developed and launched our own Open Data Portal, which provides access to our data via a single, easy-to-access interface, enabling users to easily explore, filter, view, download and consume our data. We are now developing new capabilities and building new datasets and look forward to sharing these in the months to come. 


Welcome to SP Energy

Available Data & Information

As the owner and operator of three licence businesses, data about our assets, our services, and our capabilities, will be key in supporting the transition to Net Zero. Through our ongoing engagement, stakeholders have told us that they require access to data and information about our network to enable them to develop accurate plans, enhance their own project proposals, and to understand how they can support the Net Zero transition. We currently publish a range of information about our network across both the short and long term, including information on the current and future capacity, customer demand and generation, planned interventions, and geographically represent a selection of this information through our heat maps and visualisations capabilities. 

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Long Term Development Statement (LTDS)

Our LTDS provides information on the current operation and development of our 132kV, 33kV and 11kV distribution network. The purpose of the LTDS is to provide information on the distribution system that may be of use to developers wishing to connect to, or make use of, the distribution system.

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Network Development Plan (NDP)

Our NDP provides information on available capacity and our planned interventions. Our NDP enables customers and stakeholders to assess market opportunities and participate in flexibility markets as well as promote network companies and key stakeholders to work together to facilitate efficient whole system planning and operation.


Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES)

Our DFES provides information on potential customer demand and generation metrics. It also outlines how electricity generation and demand may evolve in our SP Distribution and SP Manweb regions over the next 30 years.

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Heat Maps

Our interactive mapping tools provide a geographic view of where there is available network capacity to accommodate new generation. Our Heat Maps are currently being enhanced and we look forward to sharing these with you in the near future.  

Embedded Capacity Register (ECR)

The Embedded Capacity Register has been developed to provide better information to electricity network stakeholders on connected resources and network services. The ECR provides information on generation and storage resources (>=50kW) that are connected, or accepted to connect, to our distribution network.

Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEES)

Local authorities can access the link to the LANIT NAVI tool here, where they will be able to simulate the effects of implementing various LHEES deployment options on the SPD Network.


Using Our Data to Deliver Outputs


Distribution System Operator (DSO)

At the heart of our DSO transition are three core roles of Planning and Network Development, Network Operation and Market Development, supported by the fourth and fundamental role of Data and Information. Our recent activities have focussed on establishing our central Distribution System Operation functions on the foundation of prepared, trusted, and shared data.  Read more about how data and information are shaping our DSO transition here.


Energy Networks Association

SP Energy Networks plays a leading role in the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and works collaboratively with other operators and the ESO to support the transition to a smart, flexible system that connects large-scale energy generation right down to the solar panels and electric vehicles installed in homes, businesses and communities across the country. Read more about our activities.


Manchester Prize

Making our data and information available for new and innovative use cases, we are working with the UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology to support “The Manchester Prize” - an initiative which will award £1 million every year to a team of innovators who develop the most cutting-edge AI solution for public good, using available data and information.



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