Our Preferred Route

SPEN has been working with environmental consultants to identify potential routes for the new overhead line between Bonnybridge and the existing Easterhouse-Newarthill overhead line near Glenmavis.

We appraised each option for its impact on a range of criteria including local views, the character of the landscape, biodiversity, forestry, cultural heritage and flood risk and other land uses.

Our preferred route (a swathe of land within which an overhead line could be installed), is the one that we believe achieves the best balance between our technical requirements and minimising the impact on the environment and the people, who live, work and enjoy spending their time in the area.


View our preferred route as a full size PDF map

Our preferred route leaves Bonnybridge substation and crosses the Antonine Wall at a location that minimises potential effects on the World Heritage Site. It passes east of Rough Castle, using dips in the landscape and screening provided by existing trees to reduce visibility in the landscape.

It then passes west of the Slamannan Plateau Special Protection Area (SPA) and crosses Palacerigg Country Park. We can’t avoid crossing the park because of the need to avoid the SPA and nearby homes on the edge of Cumbernauld, but we will use the landscape and mature trees to screen the new line from views as much as possible.

The preferred route then avoids the Community Growth Areas and planned development north of Airdrie and east of the A73, before terminating at a point near Glenmavis where it joins on to the existing Easterhouse-Newarthill overhead transmission line.

You can find full details of the preferred route and the alternatives we considered, our routeing strategy and the findings of our options appraisal process, in our Routeing and Consultation Document.

Our Approach to Routeing document explains how we develop our plans and take account of landscape features and local communities.



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