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Distributed Generation Contacts

Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers

One of SP Energy Networks’ dedicated account managers will be able to guide you through the connections process for Distributed Generation.

For more contact information, view the Connections Contact page.

NameAreaTel. Number
Paul DynesScotland0775 362 4281
Louise EdwardsEngland & Wales0775 362 4442

Formal quotations are valid for a period of 3 calendar months from the date of issue.

How to Apply

How to Apply

For G98 compliant installations follow the procedure for Single G98 Generator Connections, all other connections should follow the process below.

Formal Application

Please download an application form by using the link below and mail or email (see limitation) to the appropriate address on the right-hand sidebar.

Please note that due to the diversity of information and documentation required for a competent application email, applications can only be accepted where the information being forwarded is less than 8 megabyte (Mb) in size. For applications of a greater size, please forward via mail.

As a guide, your application must have the following information to be deemed valid:

  • Where a developer is representing a customer or land owner, we require a signed letter of authority to act on their behalf.
  • Completed standard application form containing all appropriate technical details.
  • A detailed one-line schematic diagram of the proposed installation.
  • A schematic drawing showing the protection systems associated with the automatic disconnecting devices for additional sources of electrical energy, including loss-of-mains protection and trip-circuit supervision.
  • A clear narrative description of the scheme that describes the scheme operation for Normal Mains Healthy, Loss of Mains, Returns of Mains and Paralleling (where applicable).
  • A scale drawing detailing the layout of the earth electrode system(s) associated with each source of energy.
  • A location drawing and a scale development site plan (1:500 preferred) indicating:
    • the location of the proposed generator(s).
    • the six figure X,Y co-ordinates of the proposed generator(s), inverter and controls.
    • the proposed connection point.
    • the proposed access roads to the generator sites.
  • For wind turbine developments, a detailed dimension drawing of the tower and turbine assembly.



We’re keen to support local community projects requiring a grid connection.
You can contact our expert via our dedicated email address

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