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Distributed Generation Work Programme

SP Energy Networks encourages discussion and undertakes regular engagement with our stakeholders by holding regular regional customer surgeries and Distributed Generation (DG) Forums. We are also actively involved with the National DG Forums with other DNOs.

Ours DG Work Programme shows the actions we are already taking, or intend to take, to improve the connections process for DG Customers, and specifically includes the areas mentioned at the DG Forum events.

Our DG Work Programme will be updated periodically with progress to show our customers the improvements we are making and to reconfirm our commitment to making the connections process slicker and easier for our customers.

You can find links to our various work programmes below:

Improvement Work Plans

Our Improvement Work Plans set out what we intend to do over the next year to deliver a better service for our customers seeking a connection.

Our Distributed Generation Work Plan is tailored for our Distributed Generation customers and outlines the activities that we plan to undertake to improve the service  for our generation customers.

If you would like to understand how we went about developing our Work Plans, our Work Plan Strategy document describes the engagement activities undertaken in order to create our plans in response to what our customers told us.

We welcome your feedback, if you would like to provide a comment on any aspect of our Work Plans, please email



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