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Distribution Future Energy Scenarios

The energy landscape is changing fast as the way we generate, distribute and use energy evolves. Our role is to plan our distribution networks to facilitate the decarbonisation objectives and choices of our customers and communities, and to enable their journey to Net Zero. To achieve this, we need to predict and understand our customers’ changing electricity requirements. Given the uncertainty and ever-changing policy landscape in which we operate, we have created a range of four Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES).

This section contains our DFES forecasts for how electricity generation and demand may evolve in our SP Distribution and SP Manweb regions over the next 30 years. The publication of these reports marks the start of a period of stakeholder engagement on our assumptions and how we believe the electricity sector will need to adapt in the coming decades.

Sharing your views

Feedback from our customers and stakeholders is vital to ensure that our forecasts reflect the plans and ambitions of the local communities we serve.

We have prepared a set of 11 questions in section 7 of the main reports. We very much welcome your views on these questions and anything else within the document. Please submit your feedback to by the 29th May 2020

SP Distribution. Future Energy Scenarios.

SP Manweb. Future Energy Scenarios.

SP Distribution. Future Energy Scenarios. Key findings.

SP Manweb. Future Energy Scenarios. Key findings.

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