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Project Documents

All of the following documents are available free for download. If you would like a hard copy there may be a fee to cover printing and postage.  

Second round of consultation: COMPLETE

NB. Reference copies of the documents from the second round of consultation, including the consultation report, will be available from information points from early March.

KTR Project: Summary of Feedback from 2016 consultation, published March 2017

Summary of feedback from the second round of consultation (2016)
Summary of feedback appendices from the second round of consultation (2016)

Documents referred to during the second round 

  • KTR Project leaflet
    The project leaflet outlining the KTR Project project and the details of our second round of consultation
  • KTR Project:Routeing and Consultation Document (October 2016)
    A document which outlines the methodology and findings of the routeing study which has been undertaken to inform consultation, as well as the details of the public consultation process.
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields The Facts June 2013 (download from external website
    This is a guide, produced by the UK electricity industry which summarises the background to the EMF issue, explains the research undertaken with regard to health and discusses the conclusion reached.

The next Dumfries & Galloway Developer Forum is scheduled for June 8th 2017, invites to follow.  Please send any agenda items or questions you would like us to include to  If you would prefer you points to be anonymous please add this to your email.

Dumfries & Galloway Developers Forum November 2016

Dumfries & Galloway Developers Forum July 2016

Ofgem Submission July 2016

Dumfires & Galloway Developers Forum June 2016

First round of consultation: June 9 to August 31 2015 (COMPLETE)

Documents referred to during the first round