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Project Timeline


There will be several opportunities to help shape the project as it develops. Why not sign up and we can let you know by email when there is news?

Here are some of the milestones we’re aiming for.


Our first round of consultation on the preferred corridor and preferred substation siting areas for the original DGSR Project took place between June and August.


Following a review, the project scope was reduced and submitted to our industry regulator Ofgem. Read the Executive Summary from this submission.

Having considered the feedback from the first round of consultation we published our conclusions and our proposed corridor for the KTR Project. Read our Summary of Feedback report.

Our second round of non-statutory public consultation on preferred routes for the KTR Project has now closed, however you can still send us your feedback up until January 13, 2017.


There will be one further round of non-statutory public consultation on the detailed design before we submit a formal application to Scottish ministers.


We plan to submit applications for consent under Section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989, to be determined by the Scottish Ministers. This will be followed by formal statutory consultation conducted by the Scottish Government.


We aim to have the Kendoon to Tongland 132kV Reinforcement (KTR) Project up-and-running by 2023.