Elderslie Substation Extention Project

Elderslie Substation in an important asset in the SP Transmission Network which is located in Renfrewshire to the west of Glasgow.

SP Energy Networks (SPEN) play a key part as the nation moves to clean energy at the same time being central to supporting the economy as we deliver a reliable, consistent and safe electricity supply throughout central and southern Scotland.

Elderslie aerial view

Having been requested by Network Rail to increase capacity to the rail network as they move increasingly to electrification, activity has recently commenced at Elderslie Substation to instal a new 132 kV Transformer.

The project will involve an extension to the rear of the existing substation footprint (on SPENs own land) allowing the new transformer to be installed at a later stage as the project progresses over the coming months.

Blue Train

The programme of work was will see the new transformer being energised in the third quarter of 2022.

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