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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are classed as a low carbon technology and can help the UK meet its carbon emission ambition and soon will be able to support the management of the electricity network.

As EVs and other low carbon technologies will cause a rise in the demand for electricity consumption on our networks, we are committed to investing the right amount in the right places to continue to provide you a secure electricity supply. We are also committed to providing expertise and guidance to empower individuals, businesses, local communities and the public sector to embrace a low carbon future.

Need to install an EV charging point? Here’s what you should do: 

  1. Contact an accredited electric vehicle charge point installer to confirm whether your domestic electricity supply is adequate to support the charging point.
  2. Provided there is no problem with your internal wiring, the electricity supply or the equipment which joins your internal wiring to our electricity network, named the 'cut-out', you can install the charge point.
  3. Once you have installed your charge point, notify SP Energy Networks by completing this form and email it to

If your electricity supply is inadequate or you need verification we must assess your property before the charge point is installed. In this instance please ask your installer to contact us 

Installing a charge point won’t automatically mean upgrading your power supply, but your domestic electricity connection needs to be adequate for the additional demand. Once we confirm your electricity connection is appropriate you can install the charge point.

How do I know if my EV charge point will be installed correctly?

The Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Code of Practice on Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation provides guidance for installers and confirms their responsibilities.

Specifically it outlines the installer’s responsibility to:

  • Assess the adequacy of the supply capacity for the new EV’s electricity consumption, plus any existing electricity demand, before installing the charging equipment
  • Assess the adequacy of the earthing, before installing the charging equipment
  • Notify the electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) once the charge point has been installed. If you live in Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales, North Shropshire, Central & Southern Scotland this is SP Energy Networks.

Why do we need to know if you are installing an EV charge point? 

EVs can use as much electricity as a domestic power shower, but for much longer. When this is concentrated on parts of the network, demand on that network will rise and we will manage the network to maintain a secure supply. That is why we need to know each time a new charge point is installed.

It is also useful for us to know where EV charge points are installed in order to explore the opportunities they can offer in the future for smart grids.

Local authorities that would like to know more about connecting electric vehicle charging points to the network please contact us to arrange a meeting.

We recognise that fleet operators may wish to explore the electric option when renewing/replacing their fleet, as your local electricity network operator, we want to support you through your transition to electric vehicles. To find out more including what you need to consider and the connection process, please contact us.