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Electrical Energy Storage

One of the toughest challenges facing the energy sector is how to deliver low carbon energy without adding expense to household bills or hampering future security of supply. One possible solution is energy storage which can be used to store renewable energy when demand is low and to output energy during high demand periods.

Even if you have no intention to export power to the electricity network it is important that you notify us if the storage unit is operating in parallel with the network.

Small Scale Storage (≤3.68kW per phase) with no other generation

If you’re looking to install a small scale storage system where no other generation sources are in existence within the property, you should follow the Single G98 Generator Connections.

As with other forms of electrical generation, you will need to charge the storage system using power from the electricity network. Installers should ensure that the property’s electricity supply is suitable for the connection of the additional demand and generation.

Small Scale Storage (≤3.68kW per phase) with other generation (≤3.68kW per phase)

Working in partnership with the ENA,  a relaxation to the standard design rules of G59 has been developed to allow those wishing to combine a G98 generator with an energy storage device.

To qualify,  the following conditions must be met:

  • Total generation capacity installed should not exceed 7.36KW (including battery storage)
  • All generators should be connected via a Type approved G83 protection device
  • The maximum export should be limited to 3.68KW per phase utilising a Type approved G100 device
  • The system should not generate during a power-cut (island mode)

Approval to connect will be given within 10 days, providing the conditions above have been met. SP Energy Networks retain the authority to audit any online application post approval.

Guidance can be found on this relaxation at:
Guide for G99 Fast Track (PV<3.68kW per phase and energy storage <3.68kW perphase)

The application form for this type of connection can be found at:
Application Form for G99 Fast Track (PV < 3.68kW per phase and energy storage <3.68kW per phase)

Energy Storage >3.68kW (16A) per phase

All connections of energy storage in excess of 3.68KW (16A) per phase fall under the terms of G99 Generator Connections.

Where energy storage is being used to limit a properties export G59 should be applied in conjunction with ESDD-01-008.



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