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Energy Data Hub

At SP Energy Networks we are committed to sharing data with our customers and stakeholders on a presumed open basis.

We recognise that access to data and information will be a key enabler in our ability to achieve net zero and that we have an important role in facilitating efficient whole system planning and operation, as well as supporting the development of new market opportunities.

Our Open Data Portal, hosted by OpenDataSoft, provides a centralised repository for all our data that we share openly with our Stakeholders and Customers, allowing users to easily search our open data catalogue, along with detailed metadata and the ability to consume data via an API. Our Portal can be accessed here SPENOpenDataPortal 

If you would like to provide feedback to SPEN on an existing dataset that is contained within the SPENOpenDataPortal or SPEN Energy Data Hub then you can do so by clicking here: Feedback on Existing Dataset Form - SP Energy Networks

If you would like to request a dataset that is not already currently available from the SPENOpenDataPortal or SPEN Energy Data Hub then you can do so by clicking here: Request For A New Dataset Form - SP Energy Networks.

Mapping Data

Access our Heat Maps, Utility Map Viewer and other map-based data

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Strategic Documentation

This area contains Our Long Term Development Statement, Future Energy Scenarios and more

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Asset Data

View information about our assets including our Embedded Capacity Register

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Stakeholder Data

Information that relates to our stakeholders

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