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Engineering Opportunities

SP Energy Networks is at the forefront of network innovation.

SP Energy Networks take electricity generated from wind farms, power stations and renewable energy sources, reduce it to the low voltage needed for homes and businesses and transport it through a vast electricity network. We also provide customers with new or upgraded connections to our network.

In the UK, we are a leading Distribution Network Operator (DNO) in distributing renewable energy, having connected around 7GW of renewable generation to our networks with more connected on a daily basis.

People and their passion for innovation are at the heart of our success. We are investing billions into our network to improve performance, ensure security of energy supply, and facilitate the connection of low carbon technologies and to pave the way for us to become the utility of the future.

This is an exciting time to be part of our team and we are looking for diverse, talented individuals who can join us at this exciting time as we anticipate our customer needs and innovate to support the communities we serve. We currently have career opportunities for experienced engineers and also for individuals with transferrable skills to join our operational engineering programme.

We will support you to learn and grow with any additional skills you require to begin an exciting new career within our business.



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