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September 2023 – March 2024 2026

Project Status

In Progress

About the Project

About the Project 

ENSIGN is a complex project that aims to create a detailed digital representation of the network, including its physical infrastructure, asset data and real time data streams. It will be used to;

  • Predict and Prevent Outages: By analysing historical data and real time streams, ENSIGN can identify potential faults and predict when outages are likely to occur. This information can be used to take proactive measures to prevent outages, such as rerouting or sending crews to investigate potential problems.
  • Optimise Asset Management: ENSIGN can help SPEN track the condition of its assets and schedule maintenance more effectively. The digital twin can also be used to identify potential maintenance needs based on the assets usage and condition. This can help SPEN to avoid costly outages.
  • Optimise Network Operations: ENSIGN can help SPEN to optimise the allocation of resources and improve network efficiency. The digital twin can be used to simulate different operating scenarios and identify the most efficient way to operate the network. This can help SPEN to reduce costs and improve satisfaction.
  • Develop Smart Grid Solutions: ENSIGN can be used to develop and test smart grid solutions, such as distributed energy resources and microgrids. The digital twin can provide a realistic testing environment for these new technologies, helping SPEN to ensure they can be integrated into the network safely and effectively.


Project Objectives

  • Project aims to design, develop and operate a reliable and affordable net zero energy system (It addresses challenges related to electricity, heat, hydrogen and industrial clusters)
  • Aims to provide benefits such as cost reduction, improved network resilience, policy and regulation insights, new products and services, skilled workforce, and revenue generation.
  • The outcome will support the transition to a decarbonised and decentralised energy system
  • Use digital technologies to deliver enhanced customer service
  • Optimise asset and network management
  • Develop options to manage peak in load
  • Support new business models to markets
  • Invest in the digital skills of our people
  • Improve mastery of our data


The Benefits For Customers

  • Revolutionise the way SPEN manages its electricity network. The digital twin is expected to improve network reliability, reduce costs, and enhance customer service
  • The digital twin is expected to save SPEN money by preventing outages and reducing the need for unplanned maintenance
  • Also expected to improve customer satisfaction by providing more information about the network and by making it easier to report problems


Project Partners

  • University of Strathclyde
  • Heriot Watt University
  • University of St. Andrews
  • University of Liverpool

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