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Export Limitation

Some customers  may wish to limit the export from their generators to the network. The general principle is that the majority of electricity generated onsite is used within the premises with a limited amount of energy being exported to the electricity network. This helps to reduce customer bills as well as decreasing stress on the electricity networks.

There are two main forms of Export limitation scheme:

  • A scheme designed to reduce generation output when there is not sufficient demand with the customer’s premises
  • A scheme which increases demand within the customer network to absorb excess generation

A scheme may use a combination of both methods to maintain export within the required parameters.  

Generators <3.68kW per phase

Sites with a total aggregated generation capacity less than 3.68KW per phase are covered under the terms of ER G98. 

Small Scale Storage (≤3.68kW per phase) with other generation (≤3.68kW per phase)

Working in partnership with the ENA,  a relaxation to the standard design rules of G99 has been developed. This relaxation has primarily been developed where a customer is wishing to combine a G98 generator with an Energy Storage Device.

To qualify,  the following conditions must be met:

  • Total generation capacity installed should not exceed 7.36KW (including battery storage)
  • All generators should be connected via a Type approved G98 protection device
  • The maximum export should be limited to 3.68KW per phase utilising a Type approved G100 device
  • The system should not generate during a power-cut (island mode) 

Guidance can be found on this relaxation at:
Guide for G99 Fast Track (PV<3.68kW per phase and energy storage <3.68kW perphase)

The application form for this type of connection can be found at:
Application Form for G99 Fast Track (PV < 3.68kW per phase and energy storage <3.68kW per phase) (opens in a new window)

Generation >3.68kW (16A) per phase not covered by the above relaxation

All connections of generation in excess of 3.68KW (16A) per phase fall under the terms of ER G99. 

You can apply for an Export Limitation scheme via the G99 application process. You should also include an appendix A  Export Limitation form. A quotation will be returned to the applicant following assessment. 

ESDD-01-008 provides guidance for installers wishing to install an export limitation scheme within our network.
To ensure network security and stability we may need to witness the commissioning of the limitation scheme (fees apply). In some cases upgrades to supplies may be required even when exportation limitation is applied.



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