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Expression of Interest

Welcome to the SP Energy Networks Green Economy Fund.

Please complete the following Expression of Interest (EOI) to submit your project for consideration under our Green Economy Fund. The EOI stage is designed to provide an assessment of whether to invite your project to submit an application and provide initial feedback to strengthen your application.  The majority of the information you submit will help with your final application.

We would encourage early submission of your EOI which will be appraised weekly, early submission allows more time for you to develop your application.

Application forms and guidance will be available in December and organisations that submit an EOI and whose project aims align closely with the fund, will be invited to formally apply.  Please note that submitting an EOI or being invited to apply does not offer any guarantee that funding will be approved. 

For further details on what kind of projects will be considered, please refer to our criteria

The closing date for receiving your expression is the 7th of December, however we may choose to close or extend this at any stage, depending on the level of interest received and the funding threshold being met.  We would therefore encourage early submission of your interest.

Please note that any form fields marked with an asterisk * is a mandatory field.

Any questions regarding your Expression of Interest should be emailed to

Section 1 – Your organisation

To apply you must be a Scottish organisation or a UK organisation with a Scottish footprint i.e. staff based in Scotland.

1.1 - Main Contact

1.2 - Second contact

* Type of Organisation Applying for Funding - please select one:

Section 2 – Your project

SP Energy Networks operates in the following local authority areas.  The projects supported must be in these areas.  Please select the local authority(ies) that your project will operate in from the list below:  

* Select authority(ies)

2.1 - Project location 

Please provide project location information.

2.2 - Main technologies

* Main technologies or focus of the Project (tick between 1 and 3 options)

2.3 - Timescale

Section 3 - Funding

The minimum grant award is £10,000 and whilst there is no stated maximum threshold we are looking to support a range of small, medium and large projects.  Please note funding cannot be paid retrospectively i.e. for costs already paid or for work/activity already commission/planned.

3.1 - Estimate project budget:

* Please tick funding band you expect your grant request to be in and estimate your projects costs.

3.2 - Funding need:

* Please indicate the main funding need (select one option):

Section 4 – Eligibility and Project Benefits

Please try and complete this section as fully as possible to help us consider whether your project is a good fit with the Green Economy Fund.  There are no right or wrong answers and we expect projects to have strong benefits in some areas and have less impact in others.  Concise responses using lists are welcomed.

I. Reduce carbon emissions – project must reduce carbon emissions. Please explain how your project will reduce carbon emissions and if you can, estimate what these savings might be.

II. Social benefit – projects funded should lead to social benefits with income generated being put towards activity with good social outcomes. Please explain the social benefit arising from your project.

III. Local economic growth – we want the fund to lead to new jobs and businesses across Scotland. Please explain the opportunities for local economic growth.

IV. Energy ambition – the fund will support energy projects either through tackling fuel poverty, innovation around energy systems, low carbon transport or low carbon heating of homes and buildings. Please set out the energy ambitions of your projects and how this aligns with the Scottish Governments energy strategy.

V. Learnings from your project – whilst projects don’t need to be innovative or unique we would like to see projects that lead to learning outcome for example by supporting education, testing new innovation, be open to sharing learnings, act as an exemplar to encourage further uptake or provide a access to demonstration projects. Please outline the learning opportunities from your project.

VI. Additionality - The Green Economy Fund will support projects where there is clear need for the funding. Why do you need Green Economy Fund and why can’t you fund this yourself or through other mechanisms.

VII. Deliverables and Timescale – please set out how you will deliver your project by March 2020, your approach to delivery and who the project team will be (this can include buying expertise in).

Thank you for taking the time to complete your Expressions of Interest for the Green Economy Fund.

We use consultants, suppliers and contractors to help us to manage the Green Economy Fund and provide services in relation to it.  We have also appointed the Energy Saving Trust to assist us with managing the Green Economy Fund.  Please tick this box to confirm you are happy for us to share your Expression of Interest with our consultants, suppliers and contractors, including without limitation, the Energy Saving Trust.

* Please check the box below to confirm the above statement:

Please refer to our Privacy Policy to understand how your data is treated once submitted via this form.