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Flexibility Services

To meet evolving customer needs, we are developing smarter, more flexible network solutions to help mitigate the need for traditional reinforcement and reduce costs for our customers. This is cheaper for our customers as it enables us to delay expensive reinforcement work for as long as possible.

Resources connected to our networks could provide both additional capacity and additional generation to assist in key areas that have specific challenges during periods of network constraint.

We are exploring markets for flexibility with new and existing customers who are able and willing to control how much they generate or who can control their demand.


About Flexibility

Flexibility Services Overview



Flexibility services is where a Distribution Network Operator (DNO), like us, pays a third party to operate assets in a way that’s beneficial to our network. Those third parties will be owners of generation assets or low carbon technologies (LCTs) such as wind turbines, battery storage, solar or electric vehicles, and we may ask them to “turn down” or up depending on the needs of our network. In other words, we might ask them to lower the power consumption of their assets for an agreed period to allow us to free up that capacity for use elsewhere, or we might ask them to use more power in areas where we have excess generation.

As the needs of our customers and communities are constantly changing, the requirements of our electricity network are too. The increased uptake of LCTs does often result in constraints on the network during periods of high demand. However, new technologies and connections can often lead to excess generation in other areas too. Flexibility therefore provides an agile, smart means of balancing our network to solve both of those challenges.

Flexibility Providers

We will look to procure flexibility services through competitive tenders where possible and the responses from the flexibility providers will be used to:

  • Identify the availability of flexibility resources in specific areas where flexibility could benefit the network.
  • Understand the capabilities and restrictions of these resources.
  • Evaluate the viability of using flexibility to meet network requirements.




Gerry Boyd – Head of Flexibility:

'‘’’Gerry has worked for SP Energy Networks for 20 years, covering a range of commercial and operational commercial roles. Previous projects include; the deployment of our Active Network Management system(s), the implementation of Ofgem’s Access Significant Code Review and the engineering lead for our RIIO-ED1 business plan submission. After championing the use of Flexibility Services and growing our capabilities from our first tender in 2019, Gerry recently took up the role of Head of Flexibility, leading the procurement and implementation of Flexibility and ensuring that it represents the lowest overall cost for consumers. ’’


Pamela Mathieson – Flexibility Procurement Manager:

'‘’’Pamela has over 16 years’ experience in the Energy Industry. Covering a number of roles within Energy Management, Finance and Risk.’’


Elin Williams – Lead Flexibility Procurement Analyst:

'‘’’Elin has worked within the Electricity industry for over 5 years. She has experience in the Renewables industry seeking routes to market for multiple renewable energy projects and focused primarily on ancillary services. Elin joined the DSO Flexibility Team in September 2023 to work on Flexibility Services Tenders.’’


Basil Varghese​ - Senior Commercial Specialist:

‘‘“Basil is a Senior Commercial Specialist mostly focused on flexibility performance. Basil has a strong foundation in electrical engineering, coupled with several years of experience in teaching, banking and finance.”

Tender Information

Tender Information

Our partner, Piclo, are facilitating our procurement process on their Dynamic Purchasing Platform. For more information on our procurement processes and to view tender documents please visit SPEN’s profile on the Piclo Website

Spring Tender: Signposting. Company PQQ. April - May: Asset Qualification 6 weeks. May - June: Technical Assessment 2 weeks. June: Bidding Window 1 weeks. June - August: Commercial Assessment 4-8 weeks. Contract Award

Our Documents

Contact Us

Contact Us

We would welcome any feedback, comments or questions on our flexibility tenders. Please contact our flexibility team at:

Month Ahead Market

Month Ahead Market

SP Energy Networks is calling on flexibility service providers to participate in its new month ahead Flexibility market.

We have new DSO flexibility opportunities available on our DPS system Piclo Flex.

  • Tender for flexibility requirements for service windows on a month-by-month basis from June 2024 to March 2025
  • Visibility of flexibility requirements for the next four years until March 2028

If you're a Flexible Service Provider looking to earn extra income, register your solutions via Piclo Flex on

You can find all the tender documentation and supporting information in our supporting documentation below:

Next Steps

  1. Create a Picloflex account and complete the Dynamic Purchasing (DPS) application if you have not done so already.
  2. Upload your asset data to the Piclo Flex platform, providing all the requested information.
  3. Review and sign the Standard Fllexibility Services agreement

In order to take part in our competitions you must complete the above on, have prequalification confirmed and signed the Standard Flexibility Services Agreement.

Tender Process

The process, steps and timeline of our month-ahead tendering model is as follows:

New tender process

Bidding opens on the 15th of each month. However, if the 15th of the month falls on a weekend or bank holiday this will be adjusted automatically to the next working day.

Further information about the tender process and instructions on how to submit tender bids is available at SP Energy Networks Flexibility Services Market - Piclo Flex

Tender Timelines

We will now tender for flexibility services for the next year on a month-by-month basis. Key dates for each tender round for the next year is highlighted in the table below:

tender timelines


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