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G59 Generator Connections

In general, for generators in excess of 16A per phase (3.66kW), the connection must comply with Engineering Recommendation G59/2, published by the Electricity Networks Association.

The G59/2 guides can be found by clicking the links below:

Customers, developers or installers who wish to connect generators within this category must provide G83/2-1 Appendix 2  and send to us at the appropriate address, as detailed on our contact us page.

We will consider the application and advise whether a connection to G83/2-1 is acceptable and detail any work, costs and the associated timescale. We may charge for evaluating this connection.

For all other connections that fall under the requirements of G59/2, the following common application form has been developed.

In response to customer feedback we have developed a new application for customers up to 100kW. 

Please print and complete the form and email, along with the relevant enclosures as previously specified, to

All customers connected to our network must have an agreement to remain connected. A general set of terms is available to download from the National Terms of Connection website.

For certain generation connections, particularly those which need to comply with ER G59/2, we may require additional site specific requirements to be reflected in the connection agreement.

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