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Gaining Authorisation to our Network

To complete contestable jointing work on our network, you will need authorisation. We have detailed the process below with some useful guidance.

Gaining Authorisation chart

Authorisation Process

You can apply for authorisation  via an Appendix 9 request form.

The links below provide information on how to complete the form:

The actual form can be found on our Competition in Connections section, within the document OPSAF-13-001.

If you are a new Independent Connection Provider (ICP) and haven’t applied before, you will need to complete an ICP registration form.

Once complete, it should be returned, along with the supporting evidence to

Supporting Evidence

Additional information is required in support of your application and includes: 

  • CV
  • Training Records
  • Safety Passport
  • Basic First Aid Certificate, if applicable.
  • Copy of existing and previous authorisation certification for other Network Operators.
  • Current JCAR (jointing competency assessment report) for range of joints and cable types to be worked on.
  • Where applicable, confirmation of attendance at any SP jointing re-train courses.

Previous SP Energy Networks employees will need to provide:

  • Previous personnel number
  • Previous authorisation categories e.g. WL1. Dependent on timescales, individuals many need to attend a re-training course or have a JCAR assessment to bring them up to the standard of the current jointing kits.

To arrange JCAR assessment or retraining on specific jointing kits, contact Learning and Development on 0141 614 9980.


You will need to specify the activities you wish to carry out and at what voltage level.
For example:

  • HV jointing
  • Underground substation installation
  • Service jointing, metered on site
  • Mains jointing

Do you hold a current JCAR for the works you are requesting?

Applicants who have never held SP Energy Networks authorisations, have expired authorisation, or are requesting additional levels of authorisation, will need to attend an appropriate authorisation interview. All jointers will need to complete a trade test (JCAR) for jointing work, which includes the live jointing aspects, as well as operating SP Energy Networks systems.


The compliance consultant will review your application and forward it to SP Energy networks Compliance.

Upon authorisation, the training request is submitted to our Learning & Development team. The applicant’s company is emailed with the details of the required courses to book via the L&D Online Booking System .

Where there is no availability or the available dates are beyond the project commencement, you should contact L&D.



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