Galashiels to Eccles 132kV overhead line replacement

SP Energy Networks are proposing the construction of a new 132kV double circuit overhead line (OHL) supported on ‘L7’ steel lattice towers, to replace the existing 132 kV OHL network (comprising 'AT' and 'U' routes) from Galashiels substation to Eccles substation.

SPEN has a legal duty to develop and maintain a technically feasible and economically viable transmission and distribution system.

This replacement will be to ensure that there is sufficient electricity transmission capacity in the network in the area.

The project will involve the replacement of the existing Galashiels to Eccles OHL’s (‘AT’ and ‘U’ routes) through the following:

  • The construction of a new 132kV double circuit OHL carried on L7 steel lattice towers between the existing Galashiels and Eccles substations;
  • The removal of the existing 132kV single circuit OHL carried on asymmetrical steel lattice towers (the ‘U’ route) between Galashiels and Eccles substations; and
  • The removal of the existing 132kV single circuit OHL carried on double wood pole supports (the ‘AT’ route) between Galashiels and Eccles substations.
  • This collectively is to be known as the 'Galashiels to Eccles 132kV OHL Replacement Project'

Routeing Stage

The project commences with the routeing consultation stage, before progressing to Environmental Impact Assessment and subsequent application for consent.

During this consultation stage we are seeking views on the route selection process we have so far undertaken and the preferred route that has been arrived at.

Our public consultation runs from Monday 27th September to Sunday 24th October

SP Energy Networks attaches great importance to the effect our work may have on the environment and local communities. We want to hear what local people think about our plans, to help us develop the project in the best way.

In particular, we would like your views on:

  • The preferred route for the Galashiels to Eccles 132kV OHL Replacement Project.
  • Any of the alternative route options we considered during the routeing process.
  • Any other issues, suggestions or feedback you would like us to consider. We would particularly like to hear your views on your local area, for example areas you use for recreation, local environmental features you would like us to consider, and any plans you may have to build in proximity to the preferred route.

The Covid-19 pandemic means that we can’t hold public exhibitions in the usual way, but we have prepared a virtual exhibition room where you can see detailed maps, read about the proposals, download project information and provide feedback. During the consultation period you can access this here.  

Members of the project team will also be available on live chat in the exhibition room to answer any questions you may have, during the following times:

  • Monday 27th September from 2pm – 4pm
  • Tuesday 28th September from 10am – 12pm
  • Wednesday 29th September from 5pm – 7pm

Outwith these times, you can still get in touch with us through the project contact details below.

Our GDPR statement can be found here.

Pdf copies of the Routeing Consultation Report and other consultation material can be downloaded below. Leaflets will also be distributed to properties in the immediate vicinity of the preferred and other route options.

Contact Information

Should you have any enquiries or comments, please contact us at or on 07516461129.

Or by writing to:

Galashiels to Eccles 132kv Replacement Project

Land and Planning Team
SP Energy Networks
55 Fullarton Drive
G32 8FA



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