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Galashiels to Eccles 132kV overhead line replacement

SP Energy Networks are proposing the construction of a new 132kV double circuit overhead line (OHL) supported on ‘L7’ steel lattice towers, to replace the existing 132 kV OHL network (comprising 'AT' and 'U' routes) from Galashiels substation to Eccles substation.

SPEN has a legal duty to develop and maintain a technically feasible and economically viable transmission and distribution system.

This replacement will be to ensure that there is sufficient electricity transmission capacity in the network in the area.

The project will involve the replacement of the existing Galashiels to Eccles OHL’s (‘AT’ and ‘U’ routes) through the following:

  • The construction of a new 132kV double circuit OHL carried on L7 steel lattice towers between the existing Galashiels and Eccles substations;
  • The removal of the existing 132kV single circuit OHL carried on asymmetrical steel lattice towers (the ‘U’ route) between Galashiels and Eccles substations; and
  • The removal of the existing 132kV single circuit OHL carried on double wood pole supports (the ‘AT’ route) between Galashiels and Eccles substations.

This collectively is to be known as the 'Galashiels to Eccles 132kV OHL Replacement Project'

Routeing Stage

The routeing stage is now complete with the conclusion of the routeing consultation process and identification of the Proposed Route. It now progresses to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and subsequent application for consent. 

During the routeing consultation stage, we sought views on the route selection process and the preferred route that has been identified.

A PDF copy of the Report on Consultation can be downloaded below. This report summarises the consultation process, the responses received and how these have been taken on board in finalising the route. The report also sets out the next steps in the development process for this project.

EIA Scoping Stage 

SPEN submitted a request to the Scottish Government Energy Concent Unit (ECU) for an EIA Scoping Opinion in accordance with Regulation 12 of The Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 (as amended). The Scoping Opinion request was accompanied by an EIA Scoping Report setting out the potential significant effects proposed to be assessed in the EIA and the proposed methodology for doing so. The EIA will accompany the Section 37 application.

The ECU issued its Scoping Opinion on 20 June 2023. The next step is detailed design of the project and the EIA.

Detailed Design and EIA

SPEN is now carrying out the detailed design of the project taking into account environmental constraints and considerations. Once the design has been finalised the EIA will be undertaken to identify any remaining significant effects that may result from the project. Mitigation measures will be identified to eliminate or reduce negative effects.

A Section 37 application will be submitted along with supporting documents, including the EIA Report, upon completion.

Contact Information

Should you have any enquiries or comments, please contact us at or on 07516461129.

Or by writing to:

Galashiels to Eccles 132kv Replacement Project

Land and Planning Team
SP Energy Networks
55 Fullarton Drive
G32 8FA



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