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To apply you must be a Scottish organisation or a UK organisation with a Scottish footprint i.e. staff based in Scotland within SP Energy Networks operating boundaries.

A wide range of organisations are eligible to apply, including: charities, community groups, housing associations, local authorities, schools, academic institutions and businesses.  Where an application comes from a business, particularly large companies, there must be high levels of social and/or economic outcomes. 

The scheme is not open for individuals to apply for funding.

The minimum grant award is £10,000 and whilst there is no stated maximum threshold, we are looking to support a range of small, medium and large projects.  Please note, funding cannot be paid retrospectively i.e. for costs already paid or for work/activity already commission/planned.

The £20M fund can provide capital or revenue funding. You should consider whether that activity can be funded in any other way, and whether it is has already been delivered elsewhere.   Funding will not be granted for 100% of the cost of the project and a level of match funding or time should be included in your proposal. You should also consider whether your project will represent value for money in terms of the positive outcomes delivered for the money spent.

ALL projects must demonstrate a measurable social and or environmental impact and meet the fund ciriteria.

  • Engage vulnerable customers with energy issues and refer them for support
  • Provide energy advice that does not duplicate existing advice services
  • Install energy saving or renewable energy measures that cannot be funded elsewhere.
  • Are innovative, whilst not a requirement we welcome applications that are innovative or are using technology in innovative ways.
  • Provide training and education on energy that is targeted at supporting vulnerable customers
  • Result in high carbon savings, air quality benefits or social impacts
  • can be easily replicated for rapid deployment
  • Demonstrate a strong link to the energy sector and potential future learnings that can be shared and/or replicated.
  • A wide technology base will be considered from solar panels for sheltered housing to electric vehicles for schools, small projects to very large.
  • Have a strong community benefit or wider community benefit from the proposed project, with defined measurable benefits, and potential future learnings that can be shared
  • Target a defined social grouping; for example, those projects developed to assist fuel poverty
  • Advice services that duplicate existing provision, potentially causing confusion for energy customers
  • Energy Saving measures that could be funded from another source, such as ECO, other government or devolved government schemes or an organisations own capital programme.
  • Individuals may not apply but funds can be applied for by organisations to employ people as part of a project


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