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Green Economy Fund (GEF)

The Green Economy Fund is now closed for applications.


The £20m Green Economy Fund was established in 2018 to support the Scottish Government’s ambitious energy strategy and the UK’s drive to a low-carbon economy. With the growing momentum in the race to net-zero, we as a network provider understand that we have a critical role to play – and crucially, we want to be part of this transition.  This isn’t just about green projects; this is about creating and accelerating a green economy.

Green Economy Fund

Priorities of the fund:

  • Renewable and low carbon innovative solutions 
  • Transport – promoting the uptake and infrastructure provision of Electric Vehicles or other low carbon solutions
  • Heat - provision of affordable energy for consumers – addressing fuel poverty
  • Local energy systems – creation of  local energy solutions to match generation and demand
  • Learnings and data to assess future impact of low carbon economy
  • Low carbon job creation
  • All projects must demonstrate a strong link to the energy sector.
  • Projects should be able to run independently with little input from SPEN, however at the discretion of SPEN, accept a mentor from SPEN’s senior team and/or The Energy Saving Trust.
  • Projects must be based in the SP Energy Networks area in Scotland and the applicant’s team must have a majority Scottish footprint.
  • Projects should produce tangible, physical outcomes within the desired timeframe.
  • There must be clear additionality demonstrating the need for funding.
  • An experienced project manager must be assigned by the applicant to manage the project. (The Green Economy Fund can contribute to this cost and the project management budget should be in line with the award amount and project complexity).
  • All applications should have a match funding contribution. (For local community applicants this must be a clear funding commitment (not just in-kind support).
  • Demonstrate value for money through a defined formal procurement process or benchmarked rates for project partners.
  • Research projects can be funded as part of the GEF, but they MUST produce a tangible physical outcome. For example, carbon savings from the generation of low carbon power or journeys made by electric vehicles.
  • To build the infrastructure needed for the changes in heating and transport expected over the next decade, and gather key learnings along the way.
  • Boost the economy and create jobs in Scotland.
  • Support the Scottish Government’s ambitious energy strategy and the UK’s drive to a low-carbon economy.
  • Work with communities in our operational area in Scotland, supporting both rural and urban areas that suffer from fuel poverty.
  • Provide access to funding for projects that may ordinarily struggle to obtain funding.




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