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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps (HPs) are classed as a low carbon technology and can help the UK meet its carbon emission ambition and soon will be able to support the management of the electricity network.

As HPs and other low carbon technologies will cause a rise in the demand for electricity consumption on our networks, we are committed to investing the right amount in the right places to continue to provide you a secure electricity supply. We are also committed to providing expertise and guidance to empower individuals, businesses, local communities and the public sector to embrace a low carbon future.

Need to install a Heat Pump? Here’s what you should do: 

  1. Contact an accredited Heat Pump installer to confirm whether your domestic electricity supply is adequate to support the Heat Pump.
  2. Provided there is no problem with your internal wiring, the electricity supply or the equipment which joins your internal wiring to our electricity network, named the ‘cut-out’, Your installer should complete the relevant application form and submit it to
  3. SP Energy Networks will carry out an assessment and confirm if there are any network restrictions.
  4. We will either send an approval to connect or a quote for reinforcement
  5. Once you have installed your Heat pump, notify SP Energy Networks.

If your electricity supply is inadequate or you need verification we must assess your property before the Heat Pump is installed. In this instance please ask your installer to contact us 

Installing a Heat pump won’t automatically mean upgrading your power supply, but your domestic electricity connection needs to be adequate for the additional demand. Once we confirm your electricity connection is appropriate you can install the Heat pump.

Why do we need to know if you are installing a Heat Pump? 

Heat pumps can use as much electricity as a domestic power shower, but for much longer. When this is concentrated on parts of the network, demand on that network will rise and we will manage the network to maintain a secure supply. The compressor units within a Heat pump can also have disturbing characteristics, which can cause a detrimental effect upon your and other customers supply quality.  That is why we need to know each time a new heat pump is installed. 

It is also useful for us to know where Heat Pumps are installed in order to explore the opportunities they can offer in the future for smart grids.

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