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Heathlands Wind Farm Connection

SP Energy Networks (SPEN) has been contracted by National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) to connect the proposed Heathland Wind Farm to the national grid. Heathland Wind Farm is located approximately 10 km southwest of West Calder, West Lothian and approximately 15 km east of Wishaw.

SP Energy Networks (SPEN) have a licence obligation to provide electricity generators with a connection to the electrical system in this area. In line with this, SPEN is proposing a grid connection comprising a new wood pole 132 kilovolt (kV) overhead line (OHL) will connect Heathland Wind Farm to the electricity transmission system at Wishaw Substation. 

Current Phase - Routeing Stage

The routeing stage is now, complete with the conclusion of the routeing consultation process and identification of the Proposed Route. It now progresses to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and subsequent application for consent.

During the routing consultation stage we sought views on the route selection process and the preferred route that has been identified.

A PDF copy of the Report on Consultation can be downloaded below. This report summarises the consultation process, the responses received and how these have been taken on board in finalising the route. The report also sets out the next steps in the development process for this project.

Next Phase - EIA Scoping Stage 

SPEN will be submitting a request to the Scottish Government ECU for an EIA Scoping Opinion in accordance with Regulation 12 of The Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 (as amended). The Scoping Opinion request will be accompanied by an EIA Scoping Report setting out the potential significant effects proposed to be assessed in the EIA which will accompany the Section 37 application and the proposed methodology for doing so.

Public Consultation Documents

As part of the consultation, we consulted on the following:

  • The preferred route for the connection;
  • Any of the alternative route options considered during the routeing process; and
  • Any other issues, suggestions or feedback you would like SPEN to consider.

Both a public consultation and a virtual, online consultation process was undertaken. 

 Contact Information

Email at:

Heathland Wind Farm Connection Project

Land and Planning Team

SP Energy Networks

55 Fullarton Drive


G32 8FA

Our GDPR statement can be found here.


Please note - Comments at this stage are informal and are made to allow SPEN to determine whether changes to our preferred route are necessary. Following establishment of the proposed route, SP Energy Networks intends to submit an application to the Scottish Ministers for consent under section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 and deemed planning permission under section 57 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. Following this, the Scottish Government will undertake a formal consultation, during which there will be further opportunity to comment on our proposals directly to Scottish Ministers.



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