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Help in a Power Cut

Signing up to the PSR allows us to support customers in 12 ways:

Support customers in 12 ways:

Welcome Pack

Sent to new PSR customers so they know what to expect from us and tell them about our services.

Proactive and Ongoing Contact

Updating customer at least every 3 hours in a powercut.

Customer Service on Site

Our nominated person on site process means that there is always someone to support customers.

2 Year Information Check

To confirm customer data and tell them about our services.

Vulnerable Packs

Issued during power cuts and storms. Includes an analogue phone.

Hot Food and Hotels

Provided for customers in prolonged outages and significant events. Extended to all customers after 48 hours.

Dedicated Number

Our calls are answered in an average of 6 seconds. In storms and significant events we have a dedicated welfare lines for PSR customers.

Resilience Partners

Providing additional services such as social care support, opening community buildings, catering vans and emotional support.


Provided for vulnerable customers to minimise impact during a power cut and planned works. Provided 100% of vulnerable customers with a generator if requested on our proactive contacts.


A range of services to improve accesibility such as:

  • Large print information
  • Information in braille
  • Translation services
  • Text relay


Short Term Vulnerability

Customers can register with us for support for a specific period of time.

Being Safe

Customers can request a password from us to safeguard against bogus callers.

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