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Demand for electricity is forecast to steadily grow. At the same time, we remain heavily reliant on fossil fuels that will run out sooner than many of us realise.

It is clear that we will all have to change to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. The future network and our role will need to accommodate:

  • Increased demand arising from new uses of electricity such as heat pumps and electric vehicles
  • A big increase in much smaller generations sources, with power coming back into the network from a variety of supply points and flowing in different directions.

The SP Energy Networks’ Future Networks Team works hard to develop and deliver new innovative technologies that improve the way our network operates and brings benefits to our customers. We have carried out extensive work to understand the impact of new forms of electricity generation and changes to the electricity usage on our networks. We are working with our stakeholders to understand what will happen as more people move towards low carbon technologies.

This is an exciting time as we work to ensure that we are ready to help our customers benefit from low carbon technologies. Our Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast approach enables us to be at the forefront of innovation.