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Kilmarnock South Substation

Kilmarnock South Substation is situated to the south east of Kilmarnock and plays a crucial part in the Transmission Network forming a hub for a number of key overhead lines. 

SP Energy Networks (SPEN) have a key strategic role in the connection of renewable generation in Scotland and as a result, a significant level of activity on the Transmission Network is currently ongoing to facilitate these connections along with other additional demands. SPEN are proud to have successfully completed the project at the substation as part of our Network Reinforcement Programme.

Kilmarnock South aerial view

The activity initially involved extending the existing site which allowed the construction of two Gas Insulated Switchgear Buildings and the replacement of the ageing equipment with new switchgear now installed within these buildings. The significant programme of work which commenced in 2016 will ensure the substation continues to operate effectively and efficiently for decades ahead, supporting the nations move to a net zero.

Congratulations to the many SPEN staff and various specialist contractors who’s commitment and efforts have delivered this major project. 

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