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Linkboxes & Pillars

Network Boxes

We have noticed an increase in the level of streetscape works undertaken by local authorities over the last few years. The cause for concern for us is that the local authorities/contractors are replacing linkbox covers with metal covers. An example of this would be Caithness slabs being embedded into the metal covers to ensure that the street work projects are aesthetically pleasing.

We require 24/7 access to the electrical switching apparatus below each linkbox cover. These switching points allow electricity supplies to be diverted in an emergency situation; however access to these switching points is increasingly being restricted due to the weight of the new covers being installed by contractors on behalf of the local authorities.

Access to the switching points is gained by removing the linkbox cover. With the streetscape works taking place and the new covers being replaced with metal covers (embedded with various types/thicknesses of slabs), it is virtually impossible to lift the covers and gain access to the apparatus.

Good Working Practice

This section shows various new link box cover situations where our access to the electrical network has not been restricted. The new linkbox covers have been designed to ensure a one person lifting action and the replacement covers should also be clearly stamped, highlighting that the covers are concealing our underground apparatus. Stamping identification on the new covers is crucial to enable all utilities to identify their individual equipment.

Replacing link box covers should only take place through dialogue with us.

Poor Working Practice

This section shows various new linkbox cover situations where our access to the electrical network is being severely restricted due to the weight of the recently installed covers.

Joint Box Covers

This section shows various joint box covers, the reason for installing joint box covers is to enable our engineers to access the underground electrical network at cable joint location. Beneath the footpath covers, cable joints can be found on the electrical network normally encased in an underground brick built chamber, there are various types of cable joints associated with the underground network including:

  • service T joints
  • service joints straight joints
  • breech joints
  • dummy breech joints.

Joint box covers are not to be removed without consultation with SP Energy Networks.

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