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Long Term Development Statement

As we journey to Net Zero our energy networks are evolving rapidly – alongside the customers who make use of them. By sharing detailed information on our Distribution Networks in our Long Term Development Statements (LTDS), we allow these customers to make high level assessments of opportunities to connect to and support our networks.

The LTDS is the main information source for developers wishing to connect to our Distribution Networks and enables them to identify opportunities and carry out initial assessments of the capability of the network to support their demand or generation development. Future network development plans are included to advise existing and potential users of significant changes to the system, which may have an impact on their development plans.

Alongside the LTDS publications, we provide additional network planning and development documents including the Network Development Plan (NDP) and Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES). The NDP and DFES provide a medium to long term outlook for the availability of capacity.

Our LTDS datasets are available on our Open Data Portal and provide detailed information on our current distribution networks, as well as short term forecast and planned network changes.

SP Distribution Long Term Development Statement



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