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Requesting a Meter Point Administration Number

The process for the provision and registering of MPANs for premises that will connect to Connection Works that the DNO will adopt is detailed in the process map below: 

Before proceeding to the MPAN request form please ensure that you read the guidance document on the link below.

See Email Information

Email information

The completed MPAN Request pro-forma should be issued to the e-mail addres:

  1. SPD:
  2. SPM:

There is a 2-day turnaround on receipt of these request

  • Emails received will be in the form of a message with a completed MPAN Request pro-forma attachment. Turn around times are based on normal office hours of 08:30 to 16:45. For requests received after 14:45 the turnaround time will carry over to the morning of the following working day.
  • All requests must be supplied with a capacity. If the capacity is not supplied the requestor will be contacted via telephone or email for this information. The capacity value serves as a double check on the submitted supply type.

** All MPANs with a capacity greater than 100kVA require the completed pro-forma plus the additional 3th HH form, signed by the site engineer, to be issued to the email address's above.

The MPAN request document below provides you with the request form, guidance information, plus examples of completed application forms.

Notification of all MPANs generated will be issued to the requestor once completed.

Please be advised that there is a phased approach for issue, e.g. if a builder requests one hundred MPANs for a new housing site these would be provided in phases, i.e. 20 MPANs to begin and once those houses are built a further 20, etc.




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