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MSCDN / Series Compensation

Elvanfoot MSCDNMechanically Switched Capacitor with Damping Network (MSCDN)

MSCDN equipment is an important part of SP Energy Networks ongoing commitment to delivering a reliable and resilient service to all our customers and stakeholders. MSCDN is a highly developed form of mechanically switched capacitor which assists in managing and controlling system voltage levels across the network.

The programme to install MSCDN is now completed at various locations across our Transmission Network in Central and Southern Scotland including Elvanfoot, Windyhill, Longannet and Moffat.

Series Compensation

Series Compensation is one of two complimentary projects which have now been successfully completed. Through the innovative deployment of Series Compensation along with other state of the art technology, the Scotland - England interconnector capacity has been significantly increased.

Series Compensation involved capacitor banks being installed in a number of key substations which reduced the impedance of the interconnector circuits between Strathaven and Harker and Eccles and Stella by 35% - these measures allowed power flow capacity in the circuits to be increased without any material change to the interconnection circuits themselves.

Contact Information

Should you require any further information on these programmes please make contact via the following phone number or e mail address

Community Liaison phone number – 07516461129
Community Liaison

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