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Our Transmission Net Zero Fund is currently in the development stage and we’re expecting it to go live in June 2022.

We will be working with communities based within our Transmission licence area to help them develop their Net Zero plans and projects. More details on the fund, including eligibility criteria, will be shared on our Net Zero Fund website page.

Our T2 Net Zero Fund will focus on providing guidance and support to communities in vulnerable situations within our Transmission licence area and contribute to the UK’s Net Zero objectives. It is anticipated that the fund will help the communities impacted by our transmission operations to build their capacity, identify their local ambitions, develop their plans and achieve their green ambitions.

The T2 Net Zero Fund will be limited to the selected number of communities across our Transmission licence area. This funding will be committed to providing guidance and support and leaving a positive Net Zero legacy to the benefit of that community. If your organization or project is not eligible for this fund, please keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for future funding opportunities.

We have recently submitted a proposal for the Distribution Net Zero Fund as part of our ED2 plan and if approved by Ofgem, that fund will be more closely aligned to the activities and projects similar to the ones previously funded by Green Economy Fund.



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