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Non Load

Non Load means existing equipment or ‘assets’ like transmission towers, substations, transformers and even the electricity wires themselves.  When it comes to talking about Non Load in our RIIO-T2 Business Plan, we are generally making assessments on when these assets might need to be refurbished or replaced. As such, most of the Non Load investment activity is driven by the business-as-usual renewal required to ensure the reliability of an ageing network whilst other activities focus on innovation to make the existing network more efficient.

This involves us producing a plan up to 2026 and beyond to target the investments where and when they are needed. We do using this by using our knowledge of the risks associated with asset failures to set our priorities. 

Non Load investment is also carried out in the context of a transitioning energy sector and shift to a whole systems approach.  We make our Non Load investment plans based on our extensive knowledge and experience, external regulations and drives (including Government policy) and input from our stakeholders and customers – with safety being the number one priority.   Non Load also includes investment for the physical and cyber security of our network infrastructure given its fundamental role in the day-to-day running of GB. 

Craig McTaggart

RIIO-T2 Non Load Investment Manager

Non Load Related Activity

Our Non Load related business activity will also be shaped by you.

Consultations and Publications

The consultations below form a major part of our RIIO-T2 Business Plan and we would encourage you to review the consultation documents below and provide your feedback via the associated online forms. You are also welcome to send your feedback to the RIIO-T2 mailbox. Our consultations close on 31st July 2019 and SP Energy Networks will incorporate your feedback in to our RIIO-T2 Business plan.

Innovation Strategy

A part of the stakeholder consultation on our innovation strategy our RIIO-T2 Innovation Lead, Priyanka Mohapatra, hosted a webinar on Friday 8th February 2019 where she provided an overview of our current and future innovation activities, and explained how we are preparing for (and making use of) innovation to enable the energy system of the future. For those of you who missed the live version, a recorded copy of the webinar will be uploaded here shortly for you to view in your own time.

  • Our RIIO-T2 Innovation Webinar

A Safe and Reliable Network: Managing Asset & Network Risk


If you would like to be kept up-to-date with the latest information and our planned activities regarding RIIO-T2, you can register as a stakeholder and join our stakeholder online community. We also welcome your thoughts and feedback via our RIIO-T2 mailbox.

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