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Our Consultation

Your feedback has an important role to play in establishing the best route for the new line.

Specifically, we are consulting on:

  • The preferred line route in terms of its location and limits
  • The likely environmental impacts of the preferred line route and its associated construction works, such as storage areas for equipment i.e. lay-down areas, and transport
  • The other line route options that have been considered
  • Any other aspects of this project that you think SP Energy Networks should consider
  • SP Energy Networks’ approach to consultation

The more detailed your comments can be, including referencing a location or particular section of the preferred line route or options, the more helpful this is in developing our proposals.

Our consultation is open from 29 June to 9 September – please submit your feedback before the closing date.

There are four ways to give your feedback:

1. Online feedback form

Complete the feedback form below and submit online.


The enquiry form is currently unavailable.


2. Post feedback form

Download a PDF of the feedback form to print, complete, and post to our freepost address: FREEPOST SPEN NSR

3. E-mail

Send us an e-mail to:

4. Write

Write to us using our freepost address: FREEPOST SPEN NSR

What happens to your feedback?

Following the close of our consultation, we’ll review our proposals in light of the feedback we’ve received. Using these comments, and our own assessments, we’ll then develop a more detailed design for the connection – including where individual wood poles could be sited.

We’ll carry out another consultation in 2017 on these more detailed plans to provide another opportunity for you to comment and influence our proposals.

Online Feedback Form

Data privacy note: SP Energy Networks is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with all applicable data protection and privacy laws. Your information may be disclosed to or shared with the following: other SP Energy Networks companies, third party service providers, or advisors who provide services to us; and to the Planning Inspectorate, and any relevant Local Planning Authority (LPA).

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