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Our Digitalisation Strategy

Digitalisation and the better use of data are at the heart of our plans to reach our Net Zero targets while improving the services we provide and ensuring a just transition.

Our vision for our future data and digitalisation strategies is described in our RIIO-ED2 plan.  You can find details here.  We recognise that the RIIO-ED2 price control period will be a time of transformational change for our organisation; where we digitalise our activities and maximise the value of data.  Our investment in data and digitalisation during RIIO-ED2 will establish the foundation for our modern energy system capable of responding to the challenges of decarbonisation and a just transition to Net Zero.

* 1- Do you share our vision that investment in data and digitalisation solutions are critical to the delivery of a just transition to Net Zero?

* 2. Our data and digitalisation plans are informed through engagement with our internal and external stakeholders as described in our RIIO-ED2 plan. What further stakeholder engagement activities would you wish to see us undertake (multiple select):

* 3- Do you want to be involved in the ongoing development of our data and digitalisation strategies and the delivery of our plans?

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