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Our Distribution Network

It's our job to move electricity to and from homes and businesses over our network. We don't sell electricity and we don't issue electricity bills; that is the role of an electricity supplier.

We have 30,000 substations (1 for every 100 customers), 40,000km overhead lines (that's once around the globe!) and 65,000km underground cables.

We operate in three of the UK's largest cities (Liverpool, Glasgow & Edinburgh) accounting for 1.6m (43%) of our customers, as well as three significant rural areas (North Wales, Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway).

Map showing the SP Distribution licence area, which includes Glasgow, Central & Fife, Edinburgh & Borders, Dumfries, Ayrshire & Clyde South, Lanarkshire, and Glasgow.
Map showing the SP Manweb licence area, which includes Merseyside, Wirral, Mid Cheshire, Dee Valley & Mid Wales, and North Wales

Manweb offices and depots: Wirral: 3 offices or depots; North Wales: 5 offices or depots; Mid-Wales: 2 offices or depots; Merseyside: 1 office or depot; Mid-Cheshire: 2 offices or depots; Dee Valley / Oswestry: 4 offices or depots.

Scotland offices and depots: Lanarkshire: 5 offices, depots or HQs; Glasgow & Clyde North: 1 offices or depots; Ayrshire & Clyde South: 1 offices or depots; Dumfries & Stranraer: 3 offices or depots; Central & Fife: 3 offices or depots; Edinburgh & Borders: 4 offices or depots.

We are substantial employer with a distribution workforce of 2,600 internal employees made up of field staff, engineers, technical specialists, customer service and support staff based at 17 locations in the South of Scotland and 17 locations in England and Wales. We utilise around 2,500 contractors across these areas.

Our highly trained and specialist staff work 24/7 to maintain the performance and safe condition of our electricity network, respond to customer enquiries and restore the supply as quickly as possible when a fault occurs on the network.


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