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Our Innovation Projects

We are continuously thinking big, starting small and scaling fast with our world-leading innovation projects. We are becoming the utility of the future and delivering value to our customers.


Charge will provide tools to deliver a step-change in the roll-out of public infrastructure for electric vehicles. The project brings together experts in transport planning, electricity network planning and charging systems to identify the best locations for new chargepoints. In particular, it will address more challenging locations for EV infrastructure, such as crowded city streets, destination charging and areas with little or no access to off-street parking.

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LV Engine

LV Engine is an NIC funded innovation project which aims to facilitate the uptake of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) through the use of a globally innovative Smart Transformer.

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FUSION is a key project for the transition to a Distribution System Operator. FUSION will trial commoditised local demand-side flexibility through a structured and competitive market, based on the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF).

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Dumfries and Galloway Integrated Network Management

This ground-breaking project will implement a revolutionary, wide-scale integrated network management zone across the area of the network which will improve network access for connected and connecting customers.

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Angle-DC is demonstrating a smart and flexible method. The project’s method is creating a controllable bidirectional Direct Current (DC) link between two sections of our network and providing voltage support.

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Phoenix is an innovative project that is introducing Hybrid Synchronous Condensers to the GB network by combining two technologies, synchronous condensers and Static Compensators. 

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FITNESS (Future Intelligent Transmission Network Substation) is demonstrating sustainable design, deployment and operational control of a multi-vendor digital substation. FITNESS is using the latest protection, control and information technologies that can be applied in a standard and scalable approach.

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VISOR (Visualisation of Real Time System Dynamics using Enhanced Monitoring) is a ground breaking collaboration project improving the visibility of dynamic system behaviour and enhancing network resilience whilst delivering savings to customers.   

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SP Energy Networks, the only UK utility to be part of this pioneering venture, is supporting MIGRATE by leading Work Package 2.

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For information about our ARC project please click below.

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Flexible Networks

For information about our Flexible Networks project please click below.

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