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Our Just Transition Strategy

As we look towards a Net Zero future, SP Energy Networks will play a central role. Whether through enabling a decarbonised future by facilitating low carbon technologies, making sure our network is safe and resilient, or serving customers across our network, our impact can’t be understated. To make sure we deliver these activities in a fair and inclusive way, we’re taking steps to embed the principles of a just transition at the heart of our business.

Our Just Transition Strategy aligns our activities across four Just Transition Principles. These are:

  • Acting as a purposeful business, taking steps to reduce our own carbon footprint and ensure our approach to the just transition holds us accountable
  • Ensuring that we leave no one behind through support of all our customers, but particularly those most vulnerable, and taking steps to ensure fair and equal access to energy transition benefits
  • Working together with our communities, coordinating our approach with local partners and stakeholders, whilst making sure our work empowers and invigorates the communities we serve
  • Sharing knowledge and opportunity through investing in re- and up-skilling, and creating a positive, fair working environment for our people

Our RIIO-2 Business Plans are our most ambitious to date and will see a minimum of £7.5billion of investment in our networks in a decisive decade for both UK and global Net Zero targets. This includes significant infrastructure upgrades across our Transmission and Distribution networks, and numerous strategic projects to ensure we are actively meeting our customers’ needs and implementing innovative digital solutions to deliver our plans efficiently and economically.

Our vision for a just transition to Net Zero is both a process and an end goal which we cannot achieve alone. We are committed to reviewing our progress regularly and working collaboratively with stakeholders including customers, our people, communities, regulators, and other industry players to develop and implement solutions that maximise our positive impact.

We hope that you will find value in this strategy, and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions as to how we might further embed our Just Transition Principles across our business to ensure that we bring everyone with us on the journey to net zero.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss our strategy with us in more depth, please contact

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