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Our Plan

As a leading electricity networks business, SP Energy Networks has a critical role to help the UK meeting its ambitious climate change targets and enabling the transition to a low carbon economy. We will work together to deliver a better future, quicker.

We have committed to achieve Net Zero by minimising the environmental impacts of our business and networks operations, increasing efficiency and scaling to have a more resilient network, driving decarbonisation and embedding the principle of sustainability to meet the needs for current and future networks customers.

Our vision of sustainability is central to all that we do: it guides our business plans, underpins our innovation approaches, and shapes our day-to day operations. Our stakeholders are telling us that it is not enough to simply deliver on the energy transition, we must demonstrate our vision to become a sustainability leader – and we agree.

We are the only network operator in the UK to serve communities across England, Scotland, and Wales, each with bold ambitions to deliver their own sustainability and Net Zero targets. As such, we have a unique role to support these objectives and to recognise each region’s unique opportunities and challenges.


Our Strategy

This is developed with input from our stakeholders and reviewed annually, to ensure it reflects their expectations.



We are a key enabler of decarbonisation and a driver of positive change.

As a business we have ambitious sustainability targets and leadership commitments. We will support renewable integration, the electric vehicle transition, and grid decarbonisation. Nevertheless, the projects we develop to improve our network involve a significant carbon output, contributing to our overall business emissions. As such, we must balance our commitments to transform our network with our pledge to operate in a way that benefits our environment. The roadmap below outlines our key milestones on the route to achieving Net Zero.


Our Key Focus Areas




Circular Economy


Supply Chain

m Bio_Icon.jpg



Environmental Management


Our Impact

53% tCO2e

Reduction since 2013

We are implementing action to achieve Net Zero by 2035.

95.5% Waste


We divert that amount of our direct waste from landfill.

29 EVs


We will decarbonise our fleet by 2030, replacing 100% (EV100)



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