Our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan

We’ve launched our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan, detailing the £3.3 billion worth of spending that’s needed to ready the UK for an electric future.

We’ve engaged over 19,000 customers and stakeholders on a vast range of topics ranging from engineering to consumer vulnerability. In short, everything we’ve done is designed to meet the needs of our communities, now and in the future. 

Running from 2023 to 2028, the plan sets out our vision for a network that can meet the challenge of Net Zero across more than 100,000km of network and 30,000 substations and will benefit more than 3.5m homes and businesses across Scotland, England, and Wales.

You can read a copy of our plan and find our supporting documentation and additional materials below.


Downloads and more information 


Enabling the path to Net Zero: Our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan

A 200 page synopsis of our plan, designed for both industry and public consumption. This glossy 200 page document gives you all of the key messaging from our plan.


Business Plan Executive Summary

This  document provides an overview of the most important points of our plan – including an overview our strategy, ambitions and projected financials for the RIIO-ED2 period. 


Our RIIO-ED2 Commitments

We're making 100 commitments in our business plan to deliver outcomes that meet their needs. This document contains the full list of our 100 proposed RIIO-ED2 Business Plan commitments. 


Board Assurance Statement

This document sets out the Board Assurance Statement for the plan and details why we are confident that the content and associated costs have been tested for accuracy, ambition and efficiency.

A message from our CEO


This plan is the most important we have ever produced, developed at a pivotal time. The challenge to achieve legislated Net Zero targets will impact every part of society, with electricity at the heart of the solution.

We forecast that up to 1.8m electric vehicles, 1.1m heat pumps, and up to triple the amount of distributed generation, will be connected to our networks by the end of this decade. This is a radical change.

We propose to spend over £3.3bn, a 28% increase on what we do today, in enabling the path to Net Zero. This has been built upon our largest ever engagement programme, with over 19,000 customers and stakeholders shaping our 100 plan commitments. This plan reflects the voices of the communities we serve, and their priorities form the foundation of our RIIO-ED2 strategy.

Those voices have been clear: we must be bold as we reimagine the role of our network, the services we provide, and the capabilities of our business. We must match the ambition of our customers alongside the devolved governments and major cities that we serve, whose elected representatives have set out their visions to achieve Net Zero and the targets newly agreed at COP26.

In delivering this plan, we can tangibly and meaningfully contribute to a just transition to Net Zero. This is both about addressing the societal impacts from climate action and doing the right thing by our communities by delivering positive social change through the low carbon transition. We will generate real economic growth by recruiting for over 1,100 jobs during RIIO-ED2, targeting this from the communities that we serve, with more again in our supply chain. This is something that resonates strongly with me, given that the areas we serve face extremes of rural and urban poverty. We must ensure all communities have opportunity in the transition to Net Zero.

In over 30 years of my career in this industry, I have witnessed an enormous amount of change across the full value chain of the electricity sector. The decades since privatisation have delivered huge improvements in service to our customers, and I’m proud to lead a business that continues to push the boundaries. But I see greater change, and greater opportunity, ahead.

By starting this journey now with you, our customers, and our stakeholders, we can build a better future, quicker.

Thank you,

Frank Mitchell,

Chief Executive Officer



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