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Our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan

We’ve launched our draft RIIO-ED2 Business Plan, detailing the £3.2 billion worth of spending that’s needed to ready the UK for an electric future. We’ve engaged over 15,000 customers and stakeholders on a vast range of topics ranging from engineering to consumer vulnerability. In short, everything we’ve done is designed to meet the needs of our communities, now and in the future.  

You can have your say on the draft RIIO-ED2 Business Plan we published on 1 July by completing our online consultation that's available here.

Our online consultation will be open until Sunday 19 September.


A message from our CEO

Frank_MitchellThis is the most ambitious plan we have ever built, informed by over 15,000 engagements with customers and stakeholders.

It’s also, perhaps the most important plan we have ever produced, developed at a time of profound change. The challenge that will touch every part of our society is to halt the effects of climate change. To do this, we need to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions.

Our electricity distribution system will face the biggest changes to its design and operation for over half a century. Distribution networks were designed for predictable, stable demand. With Net Zero, electricity demand, generation, and consumer behaviour, will all change. Our networks are the product of a century of incremental evolution, and the opportunities from new technology and innovation will lead to a consumer-led revolution in the use and operation of our system.

In over 30 years of my career in this industry, I have witnessed an enormous amount of change across the full value chain of the electricity sector. The decades since privatisation have delivered huge improvements in service to our customers, and I’m proud to lead a business that continues to push the boundaries. But I see greater change, and greater opportunity, ahead.

This is a challenging, but exciting time. In RIIO-ED2 we have the opportunity to re-think our approach to the grid and unlock greater value for our customers. We have the opportunity to evolve our role from an essential service provider to a trusted partner for our communities. And we have the opportunity to lead by example to a truly sustainable future.

I look forward to seeing what we can do together.

Frank Mitchell

CEO, SP Energy Networks

Read our draft plan

It's important to us that this plan is accessible to many different audiences. This covers many complex, interrelated topics.

You can download a copy of our draft plan 

You can also download a copy of our draft RIIO-ED2 commitments 

We've structured the core of this document around our strategy for RIIO-ED2 to provide a consistent approach to discussing our plan:

  • Chapter 1 is a welcome and introduction.
  • In Chapter 2 we begin with an overview of our approach to co-creating of our business plan through engagement, including the independent challenge provided by our Customer Engagement Group (CEG).
  • In Chapter 3 we summarise our strategy for RIIO-ED2, which we have built on the basis of three pillars, which are aligned to the nine priorities of our customers and stakeholders. We also outline the importance of Innovation and provide an overview of how our plans will ensure a just transition.
  • Chapter 4 is the most extensive section of the document, as here we detail our plans in line with each of our nine pillars. This follows the same structure as our RIIO-ED2 strategy, using the three pillars and nine priorities to discuss our plans. Under each priority, you will also see reference to our engagement and our commitments. Chapter 5 provides a detailed breakdown of our expenditure, how we will manage uncertainty, how we will embrace the regulatory framework, and our fi nance proposals. We also summarise our proposals for bespoke Output Delivery Incentives (ODIs) and Consumer Value Propositions (CVPs).
  • In Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 we describe how we will deliver our plan, and provide an overview of the assurance and governance framework that has underpinned our development of the plan.
  • In Chapter 8, we describe our strategy for ongoing engagement, to ensure that we embed stakeholder engagement throughout our journey in RIIO-ED2. We end on some final words from our CEO and offer an invitation for you to #ChallengeOurPlan.


We’ve put the needs and ambitions of our customers and stakeholders at the centre of our decision making. Over 15,000 customers and stakeholders have helped us shape our plan so far. But we’re not finished yet. Following publication of this plan we look forward to the next phase of engagement and consultation ahead of our final plan in December.

We'd like to thank all our customers and stakeholders that have engaged with us in the development of our draft RIIO-ED2 Business Plan so far. It’s important that all voices are heard in this time of change. Your time and contributions have been vital to this process, and we hope that you will support us in further consultation as we refi ne this plan for its final submission in December.

You can tell us what you think of our draft RIIO-ED2 Business Plan by completing our online consultation

We’ll use everything you tell us to strengthen our plan before final submission, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Image of business plan pages

To halt the effects of climate change, we need to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions, and this will lead to huge shifts in how we live our lives, most prominently as we replace the use of fossil fuels for transport and heat.

We’re forecasting that up to 1.5 million EVs, 0.9 million heat pumps, and over double the amount of distributed generation, will be supported by our networks by the end of this decade. The work outlined in our plan will kick-start the much-needed growth in these low carbon technologies with over 670,000 electric vehicles, 370,000 domestic heat pumps, and an additional 5GW of low carbon electricity generation connected through the five-year investment.

From 2023 to 2028 we will spend over £3.2 billion on our distribution networks to make sure that we can enable the path to Net Zero. To do this, we will recruit for over 1,100 jobs in the communities that we serve – and more in our supply chain. We too will lead our own drive to Net Zero through a 38% reduction in our carbon footprint by 2028. And we'll do this all while supporting our vulnerable customers in a time of great transition, delivering £62.5 million of benefits to them through our extended support proposals.

Our overarching strategy has been shaped in response to the priorities of our customers and stakeholders. These priorities have been aligned to three pillars, which provide a consistent focus to our plan and enable us to deliver our ambitious agenda.

To support this framework, we have a future vision for our business which articulates the role we must play in RIIO-ED2 and beyond. We will:

“Work with the communities we serve to enable a just transition to our Net Zero future"

Develop our network 

Develop a network that's ready for Net Zero

We will develop our network of the future to meet our customers’ low carbon ambitions, and continue to adapt our world class network to be more resilient and more reliable using innovative, flexible and efficient solutions. We will embed DSO and whole systems thinking in our, which will unlock capacity and enable new markets in flexibility solutions.

Be the trusted partner 

Be the trusted partner for customers, communities and stakeholders

We will engage more with our customers and communities, supporting them by offering enhanced and tailored services, and going further for vulnerable customers. We will dedicate teams to work with our communities and help deliver the infrastructure needed. In addition, we will deliver bespoke funding opportunities to enable our stakeholders to realise their local energy ambitions.

Ready our business 

Ready our business for a digital and sustainable future

We will create jobs, upskill our people, and strengthen our supply chain as we collectively challenge ourselves to do more with less, putting sustainability first, and looking towards a greener future. With smarter solutions, we will operate in a more digital and data driven world, and will share the benefits of the digital future with our customers and stakeholders.

Your feedback, insight and views are at the heart of all our future plans. We'll be updating this site with information as we go through the process. If you're interested in getting involved or you'd like more information on how we're engaging on our plan check here



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