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Our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan

We’ve now started the process of developing our ambitious RIIO-ED2 Business Plan that will run from 2023 to 2028.

The UK and devolved Governments have set ambitious decarbonisation targets for Net Zero and the next decade will be crucial in preparing the grid for the increase in demand from an all electric economy.

The future plans for our distribution network will take a leading role in delivering a Net Zero future and will speed up the transition to a decarbonised future.

There are five key forces driving this change, and there are key questions we need to address in our plan...


The energy transition will push our networks beyond current capability and capacity...

Decarbonisation and decentralisation will drive huge growth of Low Carbon Technologies and Distributed Generation.

How do we make sure our network is an enabler of low carbon technologies?


The evolving needs of our customers are placing new demands on the role of networks…

Our services will be increasingly central to our customers as the necessity of the electricity network increases.

How can we best support our customers through the energy transition?

Markets & business models

Network operators will need to be open to new business models that optimise use of network and non-network assets…

We will need to deploy new technical solutions, like flexibility, and enable opportunity for others through open data.

How can we best embrace new markets and network solutions?

Stakeholders & communities

Political and societal expectations and regulatory challenges are higher than ever before…

We will have a critical role in enabling regional and community ambitions for Net Zero targets.

How can we support Net Zero ambitions, which might place upwards pressure on bills?


Digitalisation offers opportunities to optimise operations, decisions and customer experience…

Our business must become digital-ready, and drive innovative solutions and ways of working.

How do we prepare our business for the scale of change that's needed?

To address those challenges - we're clear on what our purpose and goals will be when developing our RIIO-ED2 plan...

“Work with the communities we serve to enable a just transition to our Net Zero future"

Develop a network that's ready for Net Zero

Be the trusted partner for customers, communities and stakeholders

Ready our business for a digital and sustainable future

  • Rethink how we manage the grid to make sure we can deliver Net Zero safely, securely and efficiently

  • Lead and support partnerships with our stakeholders, and focus on continuous customer-centricity

  • Build new capabilities to adapt to a changing landscape

Your feedback, insight and views are at the heart of all our future plans. We'll be updating this site with information as we go through the process. If you're interested in getting involved or you'd like more information on how we're engaging on our plan check here



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