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Our Vulnerability Strategy

‘Serving our customers is why we exist. This simple but powerful statement has driven our transformation from an engineering business to one that puts the needs of our customers and stakeholders at its heart.

A message from
Vicky Kelsall
CEO, SP Energy Networks


Our culture, strategy and embedded supporting processes mean we deliver exceptional value to our vulnerable customers and society at large. Informed by extensive data and tailored stakeholder engagement, we deliver services, directly or through our extensive partnerships, that make a lasting impact on those who need them the most, anywhere across our network. We will continue to build on our achievements and ensure our vulnerable customers benefit from support that is second to none in the UK and across the world.’

Our Vulnerability Strategy

Our strategy consists of two elements; a mission statement which provides our overarching objective in supporting our vulnerable customers and a set of action statements that describe the levers through which we will achieve our overarching mission statement.

Mission Statement

SP Energy Networks aims to be a service leader in the UK. We will strive to minimise the impact we have on our communities and provide bespoke support to our customers in vulnerable situations. We will do so by offering the appropriate support to those who need it the most while providing industry-leading value.

Action statements


We will engage customers in vulnerable situations directly and through our partners to identify the support that these customers want and need. We will embed tools and processes to ensure that all aspects of our strategy and approach are shaped by those we support.


We will develop a portfolio of free services that effectively address the needs of customers affected by our work and alleviate the situations of vulnerability that stem from wider social issues. We will strive to ensure that services represent value for money and that all customers are aware and informed of the support available to them.


We will develop a network of partnerships to reach and deliver support to vulnerable customers in ways that maximise our impact, consistently across our networks. We will review our partnerships to ensure that they reflect the dynamics of the communities we serve and that they can support whenever we are not best placed to take action.


We will strive to gather and maintain up to date and reliable data on our customers through a wide range of appropriate methods. Data will be a key asset in informing and constantly improving our strategy and practical approach to dealing with situations of vulnerability appropriately across our networks.


We will provide training and support to our staff, contractors and service partners to ensure that they are well placed to identify situations of vulnerability and to apply the embedded tools and processes we have developed to support our customers. We will also understand the challenges faced by our staff and contractors and put processes in place to support these.



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